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Through our mission we are a catalyst for positive social and technical knowledge by making our candidates skilled. Make them able to create opportunities, earn prosperity, and have feelings of equality for everyone.

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You are welcome to send us your resume by email in the soft form. Please remember to include information about your education, nature and years of work experience, previous and current employers, present & expected emoluments and position/role sought.

If you seek to work in a highly employee friendly organization, where dynamism and progression are the keys for the growth of the individual as well as the Group Companies, WeSkilled has lots to offer you.

With a combined workforce of experts from multiple domains, the Group Companies are constantly expanding and the quest for bright, highly motivated, talented and experienced professionals continues.

The company stands aside because of its ever dynamic quality and the work ethics of the entire workforce. All verticals of the organisation are it the engineering team, the finance team, the marketing team or the human resource department have been working tirelessly towards making the organisation standout in every field.

Any of the job opportunities in our departments is worth skimming for, be it Engineering, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Technical, Maintenance or any other key areas that are pivotal to the success of the company.